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Individual Healing

Haven House Addiction Recovery offers treatment to men suffering from alcohol and drug addiction. We know treatment works! Individuals who have lost hope can find treatment, recovery, and hope at Haven House. Residents of Haven House receive a broad base of addiction treatment which addresses the whole person– mind, body, and emotions. Haven House staff encourage and foster the proper atmosphere needed to work with all addiction issues. This approach to healing, joined with the extraordinary qualifications of our staff and injected with individualized attention produces the catalyst to makes the difference.

Haven House believes alcoholics and addicts should be treated  with  unconditional positive regard. The individual  in need of  healing requires close attention be paid to the physical, mental, spiritual, and social areas of their lives. A unique and  individualized plan is designed to provide the right combination of support to help the resident learn to live life happy, joyous, and free. We provide support in a loving, caring and nurturing environment.

The crux of Haven House treatment is its unique ability to look at the whole person to provide an effective and distinctive individualized program. Haven House works with each individual to identify and resolve the unique core issues that underlie presenting problems, as well as address destructive life behaviors.

Addiction Recovery

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